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Barbeque Beef - Its what for dinner!

Barbeque beef, now there is a subject that a lot of BBQ enthusiasts can argue about. Can Texans really do it right. Or is there another way to cook beef? Out here in California a few years ago, there were bumper stickers on all the cars with this famous quote: "BEEF - IT'S WHATS FOR DINNER."
Some of us might even remember the famous actor who quoted these words on all the commercials. It was James Garner of the TV show, The Rockford Files. Now who doesn't remember that? But lets just get into this. Can Texans do it right? Well, we have to ask ourselves, what is right? I am going to give you two for the price of one today. First, we are going to talk about how Texans prepare beef and the way that they do this, I don't think anyone can beat it. Not for flavor, for taste, for texture, or for overall BBQ. Not very many people can equal the Texan's flair for cooking beef.
History of the barbeque Beef Brisket
Oh, I could go on and on about the German influence down in Texas. Many Germans migrated to Texas way back in the day and many of them were involved in the cattle business. A lot of people think that it can be traced back to two brothers in the early '50's who left brisket in their smokehouse over the weekend and when they came back: WOW! Without turning this into a history blog, I will just say that the brisket had way too much fat, both inside and out and this made it tough. Tough to cook and tough to eat. So most of the time it was pickled or boiled. Chefs would braise it to make it tender. But for the most part, many times it was just fed to the animals.
MY BRISKET IS TOUGH - HOW DO I MAKE IT TENDER? Beef brisket which we use for barbeque beef down in Texas is a tough cut of meat. It is tough because the muscles in this part of the cow do most of the work. A couple of final notes before I get into how Californians do their beef. Remember, we are talking about if Texans can make bbq beef any good? Or will the winner of the blue ribbon go to the Californians and the way they do beef. for more information please visit my blog at: Barbeque Ribs Recipe


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